About Sim Race Reviews

At Sim Race Reviews we use our expertise within sim racing along with our experience racing real-world cars and competing in Esports events to provide honest reviews of sim racing products. All with the goal of helping you narrow down which sim racing hardware is the best pick for you.

The Sim Race Reviews Story

Having spent well over 10 years being a part of the sim racing community, and countless hours of online Esports competition, Felix Konig decided on a hobby project where he could document his sim racing journey. That side project was SimRaceReviews.com which served as a platform for Felix to share reviews of sim racing hardware that he'd used over the past decade of sim racing.

Choosing a sim racing product has always been a big decision, especially given the price that a lot of sim racing hardware commands. Sim racing is not a cheap hobby, meaning any mistakes at the time of purchase can be a real pain. This puts an emphasis on choosing the right sim racing hardware for your own needs. However, it isn't easy to get hands on time with any sim racing hardware, which puts a lot of emphasis on expert reviews and videos to help with the buying decision.

Felix has felt this pain first hand with a few sim racing purchases that turned out to be not very good. This, combined with a passion for writing and video creation, led Felix to creating SimRaceReviews.com with the sole goal of sharing his knowledge with the sim racing community.

Our Review Process

A lot of the sim racing products that are featured on our website are products that we've purchased and owned for a good amount of time. This means that we have spent a lot of time with these products on our sim rig, and can provide a detailed and informative review from a long-term owners perspective.

We also review products that are sent to us or that we have loaned purely for the purpose of creating a review to provide helpful content and information to the sim racing community.

We ensure that every sim racing product that we review gets a fair amount of time spent with it. We always use every product we review for a minimum of a week, which is a fair amount of time given the amount of time we spend sim racing! This generally equates to a minimum of 15-20 hours of sim racing time with each product. Of course, most products get a lot longer time on our rig than that, especially if we enjoy using them.

Spending this amount of time with any product, lets us spot any positives and negatives that each product has to offer. If a sim racing product looks great out of the box but wears badly or has performance niggles, our prolonged testing time will spot these.

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The most important thing to us at Sim Race Reviews is that we're providing helpful content and reviews. If you have any feedback on any of our reviews, or have suggestions on new content, please feel free to get in touch.

If you are a sim racing brand and you have a product that you would like us to review, again, please get in touch and we'd be happy to have a chat about anything sim racing.

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