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Recent Wheel Base Reviews

Below are our most recently reviewed sim racing wheel bases.

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Our Sim Racing Reviews Explained

Our goal is to bring you the best reviews for all sim racing products on the market. We take our time with our reviews. And give each product the time it deserves to build a lasting impression. We then use all of that time spent with each product, to bring you a review designed to help you choose which sim racing products you want to invest in.

We review all sim products, including sim racing wheels, steering wheels, pedals, sim racing rigs, and everything in between. Each one of the products we review is set up in our own sim rig to be tested in a real world gaming scenario.

How We Review Sim Racing Products

We test each product with a variety of compatible products. For example, we will test a Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base with a selection of compatible steering wheels. We often also compare the product that is being reviewed, side by side with similar products.

Generally, we use our high-end gaming PC for testing, with iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione, rFactor 2 and a selection of other games. Alongside this, sit both our Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, which we also use for testing console-compatible racing wheels and products. This process gives us the most in-depth understanding of the product we are using. Including how it behaves with other racing gear, and on a selection of games and consoles.