Below you will find all of our sim racing reviews for a variety of racing wheels, pedals, sim racing cockpits, shifters and more. You can use the quick links in our header to navigate to the type of product you are interested in or to search for a review by individual brands.

Recent Wheel Base Reviews

Below you'll find our most recent sim racing wheel base reviews. The wheel base is the part of your sim racing setup that houses the motor and produces force feedback. Many racing wheels like the Logitech G923 include a steering wheel with the wheel base, however, more premium products from brands such as Asetek and Fanatec allow you to purchase the wheel base individually and select whichever steering wheel you want.

Recent Sim Racing Bundle Reviews

Below are a selection of expert sim racing bundle reviews. These consist of our most latest reviews of sim racing products that are offered as a complete bundle rather than individually. A sim racing bundle represents the opportunity to buy multiple sim racing products at a slightly lower combined price. Many of our hardware bundle reviews focus on evaluating the value proposition of the bundle, as that is often one of the biggest buying decisions.

Recent Steering Wheel Reviews

A sim racing steering wheel is often one of the most personal parts of a sim racing setup. It is the part that you interact with and look at the most, so ensuring it is a good fit for the style of driving you are doing is important. Also, as you handle this part of your overall setup more than any other, a good steering wheel needs to be well built and functional. View our latest sim racing steering wheel reviews below.

Recent Sim Racing Pedal Reviews

A good set of sim racing pedals can really allow you to feel at one with your car in-game. A load cell brake pedal is often seen as one of the most recommended upgrades for those hunting for additional lap time and consistency. Read our range of sim racing pedal reviews below, including budget sim racing pedals to more premium load cell and hydraulic pedals.

PXN V10 Racing Wheel Review



PXN may not be the first name you think of when it comes to sim racing. But they have actually…

Recent Handbrake & Shifter Reviews

While racing wheels, pedals and sim racing cockpits may be the big ticket items when it comes to sim racing, smaller peripherals such as handbrakes and shifters allow you to increase your overall immersion while on track. We have had the opportunity to try a range of different sim racing peripherals from a variety of brands. Below are our most recently reviewed add-on peripherals with more reviews available if you click the "view all" button.

Recent Sim Rig Reviews

Sim racing cockpits and sim rigs are the foundation for many sim racing setups. A good cockpit or sim rig can really elevate your overall immersion by providing a single point to mount all of your peripherals and hardware around you. If you are looking to upgrade other pieces of sim racing hardware such as load cell pedals or direct drive racing wheels, you'll require a sim rig that is sturdy enough to handle the new equipment.

Our Sim Racing Reviews Explained

Our goal is to bring you the best reviews for all sim racing products on the market. We take our time with our reviews. And give each product the time it deserves to build a lasting impression. We then use all of that time spent with each product, to bring you a review designed to help you choose which sim racing products you want to invest in.

We review all sim products, including sim racing wheels, steering wheels, pedals, sim racing rigs, and everything in between. Each one of the products we review is set up in our own sim rig to be tested in a real world gaming scenario.

How We Review Sim Racing Products

We test each product with a variety of compatible products. For example, we will test a Fanatec CSL Elite wheel base with a selection of compatible steering wheels. We often also compare the product that is being reviewed, side by side with similar products.

Generally, we use our high-end gaming PC for testing, with iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione, rFactor 2 and a selection of other games. Alongside this, sit both our Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, which we also use for testing console-compatible racing wheels and products. This process gives us the most in-depth understanding of the product we are using. Including how it behaves with other racing gear, and on a selection of games and consoles.