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Discover all of our Asetek reviews from the Danish sim racing brand. You can find both written and video reviews for the premium products that Asetek produce including the Forte wheel base, pedals and the Forte Formula wheel as well as other Asetek Sim Sports hardware.

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Asetek La Prima, Forte & Invicta product reviews

Here are all of our Asetek product reviews. These include reviews for a wide variety of sim racing products across all of Asetek’s product ranges, from La Prima to Forte and Invicta. Asetek produces some of the best high-end sim racing gear that includes direct drive racing wheels through to high-performing load cell and hydraulic pedals.

We also have reviews for Asetek’s current lineup of sim racing steering wheels such as the Forte formula wheel and all of their button boxes and wheel rims.

What’s the difference between Asetek’s product ranges?

Asetek has three distinct product ranges. Each represents a different price point and performance level. They start with the La Prima lineup which is their entry-level product range and goes up to the range-topping Invicta lineup.

  • La Prima: La Prima products are the entry point for any Asetek sim racing products. They offer the lowest price racing wheels and pedals, making them the most accessible products that Asetek currently sell.
  • Forte: The Forte product range is a mid-range collection of sim racing products. All Forte products outperform La Prima equivalent products, but they do come with an increased price tag. This is the product range that I would recommend to most sim racers as it offers the best balance between value and performance.
  • Invicta: The Invicta range is where all of Asetek’s most high-performance sim racing products live. You have the mighty Invicta direct drive wheel base that can create an impressive 27Nm of peak torque. You also have the hydraulic Invicta sim racing pedals.

View our latest Asetek video reviews

You can watch our most recent Asetek video reviews below. We have recently reviewed the Forte wheel base and the Forte & La Prima button boxes. There are more sim racing video reviews for other sim racing products in the reviews above.