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Logitech G920 Steering Wheel


Logitech G920

Update – The newer Logitech G923 has been released and improved on the G920. Read our review of the Logitech

Logitech Pro Racing Wheel Review


Logitech PRO Racing Wheel

I’m not going to lie, this is an exciting moment for me. My first ever sim racing wheel was a

Logitech Pro Pedal Review


Logitech Pro Racing Pedals

What are the Logitech Pro Racing Pedals? Logitech is re-entering the sim racing market after a couple of years of

APEX Wheel Stand Logitech G923 Mounted


Logitech G923

So, almost out of nowhere one day in August 2020, Logitech revealed their “brand new” racing wheel. This got many

Logitech G29 Review


Logitech G29

Update – Logitech has released a new version of the G29, called the G923. You can read our full review

Logitech Sim Racing Product Reviews

Logitech are well known among the sim racing community. They have produced some of the best entry level racing wheels for years. Going all the way back to the G25, which was our first ever racing wheel. Through to the G27, and now the most recent G29 racing wheel.

Many sim racers can attribute their first experience and initial love for sim racing to Logitech. Because of this, we have always ensured that we purchased their racing wheels as they are released.

Even though we have upgraded our sim rig beyond the need for a Logitech racing wheel. We still enjoy seeing and feeling the new products that they make every few years.

Is the Logitech G29 the best entry level racing wheel?

The G29 and G920 offer an entry in to sim racing at a reasonable cost. For this reason many sim racers started their journey racing one of these wheels.

Does this make them the best entry level racing wheels? Possibly. Despite all Logitech wheels using inferior gear driven force feedback technology. They still offer a solid racing experience.

The build quality and overall exterior design of their racing wheel produce, elevate them above some of their immediate competitors. You will always get a racing wheel that has been well thought out, and a steering wheel which looks great.

Where can I buy a G29 or G920 racing wheel?

The best place to purchase a G29 or G920 racing wheel is either via Amazon or Logitech directly. Purchasing through either of these avenues give you complete confidence when buying. And you will also get access to a full manufacturer warranty.