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Here is the home to all of our Fanatec wheel reviews and gear reviews.

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Fanatec CSL Pedals LC Review


Fanatec CSL Pedals with Load Cell Kit

What are the Fanatec CSL Pedals LC? The new Fanatec CSL Pedals are Fanatec’s entry-level pedal kit. They have replaced

Fanatec GT DD Pro in-depth review


Fanatec GT DD Pro

What is the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro? Ever since Fanatec released the CSL DD back in mid-2021, sim racers

Fanatec CSL DD Review


Fanatec CSL DD

What is the Fanatec CSL DD? When it comes to sim racing, direct-drive wheelbases are widely regarded as the pinnacle

Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 Wheel Review


Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2

The Design of the Fanatec McLaren GT3 V2 If you’re looking at this new McLaren wheel rim, and think it

Fanatec CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC


Fanatec CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC

The Design of the Fanatec CSL Elite Steering Wheel WRC When you first set eyes on the new WRC licensed

Fanatec RennSport V2 Cockpit Review


RennSport V2 Cockpit

What exactly is the RennSport V2 Cockpit? The RennSport V2 cockpit is Fanatec’s very own sim cockpit. You don’t normally

Fanatec Clubsport SQ V1.5 Shifter Review


Fanatec Clubsport Shifter SQ V1.5

The Fanatec ClubSport Shifter SQ V1.5 review & unboxing The first thing you notice when you finally reveal the whole

Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake V1.5 Review


Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake V1.5

Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake V1.5 review and unboxing Starting from the moment you open the box, you get that usual Fanatec

Fanatec Podium DD2 Review


Fanatec Podium DD2

When looking to buy in to a direct drive sim wheel, there are a few options which can be hard

Fanatec Podium DD1 Review


Fanatec Podium DD1

The Fanatec Podium DD1 is an absolutely stunning wheel base. Let’s just get that out there. Is it an improvement

Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals Review


Fanatec CSL Elite LC Pedal

2022 Update – The Fanatec CSL Elite pedals are coming to the end of their life. The new CSL Pedals

Fanatec BMW GT2 Steering Wheel Review


Fanatec ClubSport BMW GT2 Wheel

The Design of the BMW GT2 Wheel Just like all of Fanatec’s steering wheels. The BMW M3 GT2 wheel comes

All Fanatec Sim Racing Products Reviewed

Here is our hub for all of our expert Fanatec sim racing product reviews. Above are all of our latest Fanatec wheel base, racing wheel, pedal and peripheral reviews.

You can sort the above reviews by highest rating to see the absolute best Fanatec products available.

We love reviewing Fanatec sim racing products. The German sim racing manufacturer produce some of the absolute best sim racing wheels and products available.

Fanatec wheel bases are the pinnacle of sim racing. Most professional sim racers agreeing that Fanatec produce some of the best wheels.

The German manufacturer‘s belt driven wheel bases are the best in class, offering the best force feedback available from a belt driven wheel. To go along with this, they also produce the most accessible direct drive wheel base available.

The Podium DD1 F1, is the first ever direct drive wheel base that is compatible with all consoles. It brings with it some of the strongest and most detailed force feedback available to any sim racer.

How Do We Review Fanatec Products?

All of our reviews include our thoughts from hundreds of hours of testing. Most of the sim racing products that are reviewed above have been purchased by ourselves. And we have been running them as part of our main sim rig for months, if not years.

Our main sim rig consists of a GT Omega Pro cockpit, with a triple screen monitor setup. We try to use this same rig for all of our testing, so we have a level playing field for all reviews.

This cockpit can handle all wheel bases, right up to the most powerful 25Nm Podium DD2. for instances where we review new sim rigs, such as the RennSport V2 cockpit, we utilize our second sim rig setup. Our second sim rig is setup to be much more configurable, and interchangeable.

We always look to create in-depth reviews for every product, including Fanatec wheels and gear. We give each product its own time to shine, and expertly compare it to other products in the same category

Most Frequently Asked Fanatec Questions

Where can I buy Fanatec wheels and gear in the US?

The best place to purchase Fanatec products, is through their online store. They have a distribution center in California, where all US orders will be sent from. As well as another distribution center in mainland Europe.

Do Fanatec wheels and pedals work with other brands?

If you are racing on PC, then Fanatec products can all be used in combination with other branded products such as Thrustmaster. If you are a console racer, then Fanatec products are only natively compatible with the same brand products.

Are Fanatec wheels the best you can buy?

Fanatec position themselves as market leaders, and produce some of the very best and most high end racing wheels. In our eyes, they are the pinnacle of sim racing wheels, and sit at the top of the market.