Sim Racing Setups & Rig Builds

View all of our sim racing setups and rig builds. Each rig build includes everything you need to build a complete sim racing setup, including a racing wheel, pedals, rig and more. Each suggest build has been designed for a specific reason, either budget or usage.

Best Sim Racing Setup For Xbox

Best Xbox Sim Racing Setup

Sim racers who choose Xbox as their console of choice have often not had as much choice and variety in

Best Sim Racing Setup For PS5

Best PS5 Sim Racing Setup

Sim racing on PlayStation 5 has come a long way in recent years. The release of Gran Turismo 7 really

Best Sim Racing Setup Under $5000

Best Sim Racing Setup Under $5000

When it comes to building a sim rig, $5000 is a fantastic budget, and it should ensure you get an

Best Sim Racing Setup Under $2000

Best Sim Racing Setup Under $2000

If you want to purchase or upgrade to a premium sim racing setup that includes a powerful direct drive racing

The Best Direct Drive Sim Racing Setup Guide

Best Direct Drive Sim Racing Setup

Direct drive force feedback technology is the pinnacle of sim racing. It directly connects your steering wheel with the motor,

Best Midrange Sim Racing Setup Under 1000

Best Sim Racing Setup Under $1000

If you have been sim racing for a while, you may well be at the stage where you are looking

Best Fanatec Sim Racing Rig Setup

Best Fanatec Sim Racing Setup

If you have been sim racing for some time, you will almost certainly have come across the sim racing giant,

Budget sim racing rig under $500

Budget Sim Racing Setup Under $500

Sim racing has never been more popular. It is everywhere due to all of the Esports events and celebrity drivers.

Sim Racing Setups & Rig Builds Explained

We have put together a selection of recommended sim racing setups. Each build suggestion includes everything you need to start sim racing. As a bare minimum, each setup suggestion includes a racing wheel, pedals and a chair or rig to mount it all to.

The reason for these sim racing rig builds is to help those looking at getting into sim racing. And to help those who are looking to upgrade their current racing setup. Our suggested builds have been carefully designed to fulfil a specific requirement.

Some of our builds show you the best sim racing rig you can buy under a certain budget. While some are designed to fit in a specific amount of space. We’ve even included suggested sim racing setup suggestions to support a motion platform. And everything in between!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always combine any of our suggested builds to fit your own specific need. Pro Tip: Ensure you maintain the correct compatibility if combining peripherals from different manufacturers. And ensure your racing wheel and peripherals will work on your console of choice!

Specific Product Reviews

If you are looking for a specific sim racing product review, or want to browse by a certain ecosystem. Then check out all of our sim racing wheel and gear reviews.

Our review hub includes reviews sorted by product type, such as wheelbases or pedals. And then you can delve into certain brands such as Fanatec, Thrustmaster and more. If you know the exact product you are looking for, why not use our search bar in the top navigation bar.

All of our sim racing product reviews are extremely in-depth. We dive deeply into every product to review all aspects of each product. Hopefully, our product reviews will guide you in the right direction towards the correct product for you.

Once you know which product you definitely fancy buying, you can check it with our sim rig builds above. You can see which other peripherals you can pair it with, and which rigs are recommended for use with each product.