GT Omega Reviews

Below are all of our GT Omega sim racing cokcpit, sim rig and wheel stand reviews. These include written and video reviews for some of the msot popular GT Omega products such as the APEX wheel stand, ART Racing Cockpit and more.

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GT Omega Wheel & Sim Racing Gear Reviews

GT Omega produce some of the best sim rigs available to sim racers. We like them so much that their Pro cockpit is what we use as the base of our main sim rig.

Their sim cockpits are competitively priced against the competition. And the variety of products that they offer ensure all sim racers can find a rig which fits their needs.

As you can see above from our reviews, GT Omega also produce wheel stands. These partial rigs offer the adaptability that those without the space for a full rig require.

All of the products above have been ordered by how recently we reviewed them. You can sort all of the reviews by the highest rated to find the best products on offer.

How do we review GT Omega products?

All of the sim rigs and wheel stands that we have reviewed, have been purchased at full price by our self. This allows our reviews to be unbiased and lets us test them across a long period of time.

We purchase all of our products directly from GT Omega themselves. You can get a 5% discount on all products purchased directly by using the code “SIMRACINGSETUP“. Visit their website here.

As mentioned above, our main sim rig already features a GT Omega Pro cockpit, allowing us to review that with ease. We have spent years racing with that cockpit, with hundreds of hours spent.

We have a second rig which is more customizable. This allows us to switch in and out the sim cockpit much easier. We generally run a Fanatec ClubSport wheel base with our second rig.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy a GT Omega rig?

The best place to purchase a GTO cockpit is from their website directly. They have both European and US websites allowing you to purchase your rig reasonably local.

Are these rigs better than Playseat rigs?

Sim rig designer Playseat produce some great sim rigs for entry level gamers. They are generally priced lower than GT Omega rigs, but offer much less adaptability and wheel support. Our preference would be for a GT Omega sim rig.

Is a GT Omega rig upgradable?

One of the best elements of a GT Omega rig is that you can add on additional elements to support extra peripherals. These can include shifters and handbrakes, to speaker mounts and TV stands.