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The number one destination for sim racing wheel reviews, guides, sim racing setup builds and more. We have hardware reviews for the latest sim racing equipment with the goal to help you find the best sim racing products that best fit your needs.

Sim Racing Gear Reviews

At Sim Race Review, we use our expertise and experience within sim racing to produce a range of informative and helpful sim racing reviews. These include sim racing wheel reviews, pedal reviews, sim rig reviews and more.

Below, you'll find our recent racing wheel reviews, sim rig reviews and other hardware reviews, all designed to help you find the perfect sim racing hardware for your needs. To view all of our reviews, use the navigation at the top of the page to search reviews by brand or by product type.

Sim Racing Setup Build Guides

Our sim racing setup builds contain everything you need for a complete sim racing setup from the racing wheel to cockpit and everything in between. We have multiple rig builds for different budgets, size and style. These example builds are designed to give you all the information you need to create an entire sim racing setup containing everything you need to go sim racing, a racing wheel, pedals, sim rig and racing chair.

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About Sim Race Reviews

Sim Race Reviews is the is a sim racing gear review website designed to help sim racers of all skill levels choose the best sim racing wheels and gear with ease.

Founder, Felix König has been sim racing professionally in Esports around the world. After competing professionally for years in iRacing competition, he's decided to share his passion with other sim racers.

Sim Race Reviews FAQ's

Your most frequently asked sim racing questions answered. These questions include information about how we review all of the sim racing products featured on and some information about our own sim racing setup.

Our review process

A lot of the hardware that we’ve reviewed are pieces of equipment that we’ve purchased and owned for a very long time allowing us to produce a comprehensive long-term review. We often get sent products, loan out or borrow sim racing hardware that we don’t own to produce our review.

Our review process involves spending at least a week with a new sim racing product. This generally adds up to around 15-20 hours of actual gameplay and racing with each piece of equipment. This is often a lot more, especially for products that we enjoy sim racing with!

How do we review sim racing products?

All of the products that we have reviewed on Sim Race Reviews, have been tested across months and some times years. We own every product we review, and put in hundreds of hours across multiple platforms and sim games to form our final review.

What sim racing products do we review?

We review all varieties of sim racing products, from racing wheels to pedals, shifters to sim rigs. Our goal is to bring you reviews for the every sim racing product on the market. We have started by reviewing all of the sim racing wheels, pedals, peripherals, and rigs that we have owned. And we endeavor to review every sim racing product available.

What console platforms do you review racing products with?

We primarily use our high end PC, with iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione, rFactor 2 and Automobilista to review our sim racing products. We do also have Xbox and PlayStation consoles, allowing us to review sim racing products across multiple platforms.