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The Thrustmaster EVO Racing 32R Leather steering wheel is the latest wheel in Thrustmaster's sim racing lineup. In our review, we put this new sim racing steering wheel through its paces to see if its worth buying.

Thrustmaster EVO Racing 32R Wheel

Our Verdict

8.4 / 10

Product Design




Value For Money


Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, PC


  • Good quality material on wheel rim
  • Multiple QR adapters included
  • A lot of functionality
  • Well priced


  • Cheaper material on wheel hub
  • No multi-position switches
  • No LED backlit buttons

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After years of other sim racing brands modernising sim racing with small direct drive racing wheels alongside a wave of new sim racing brands launching, Thrustmaster has started updating its product lineup. Once seen as one of the best sim racing brands, in recent years, Thrustmaster hasn’t entirely kept up with other brands.

The release of the T818 direct drive wheel base changed that by bringing Thrustmaster closer to the competition in the direct-drive space. Now, Thrustmaster has released its EVO Racing range of products, which includes a new wheel hub and a wheel rim. The EVO Racing Hub and 32R wheel are designed directly for the T818 wheel base and are set to be the foundation for Thrustmaster’s future.

I’m going to look at and review the rally-focused EVO Racing 32R Leather steering wheel to see if this new generation of Thrustmaster products is worth considering.

What is the Thrustmaster EVO Racing 32R steering wheel?

The new EVO Racing 32 Leather wheel combines a new wheel hub, the EVO Racing hub, and the 32R Leather wheel rim. Thrustmaster is approaching this new generation of steering wheels in a similar way to Asetek who released a wheel hub and series of wheel rims last year.

Thrustmaster has created a wheel hub designed specifically for the T818 wheel base, but it is universal, allowing it to be used with a range of different steering wheels. The EVO wheel hub itself includes all of the electronics required to allow you to interact with your car while sim racing.


The Thrustmaster EVO Racing 32R Leather wheel is relatively well-priced compared to other steering wheels. It can be purchased for €299.99 / $299.99 / £269.99 as a complete wheel that includes the wheel hub and wheel rim.

In comparison, MOZA Racing have both the CS V2 and RS V2 which are both comparable to this wheel. They come in at $279 and $439. The closest Fanatec wheel to this in terms of design and functionality is their ClubSport GT wheel with the Universal Hub V2, and that retails for €379.95.

As you can see, the Thrustmaster EVO 32R is cheaper than the Fanatec equivalent and priced competitively against MOZA Racing.

Racing wheelPrice
Fanatec ClubSport GT Wheel RimFanatec ClubSport GT€/$379.95
MOZA Racing RS V2 ReviewMOZA RS V2€/$439.00
Thrustmaster EVO Racing 32R WheelThrustmaster EVO 32R€/$299.99


The wheel hub itself has a good amount of functionality. Multiple inputs let you really control your car in-game, and there is also a fair bit of adjustability.

There are a range of push buttons styled rather similarly to those found on a MOZA steering wheel. Unlike most MOZA wheels, these push buttons aren’t LED backlit. Instead, each button is numbered with a different-coloured sticker.

You also get four front-facing rotary encoders that let you adjust your car’s settings in the game, such as traction control and ABS. Each encoder works well, but it’s important to note that they cannot be used as multi-position switches; they are just traditional encoders.

Thrustmaster EVO 32R Buttons

Across the top of the wheel hub are a series of rev lights that take a fairly unique approach. They are individual plastic lights positioned on the top of the wheel hub. This is obviously done so the rev lights don’t interfere with the wheel rim and make them slightly more universal regardless of which wheel rim you use. However, it’s a slightly weird approach that I’m not massively keen on.

Around the back is a set of very large magnetic paddle shifters. These are constructed from metal and dampened quite nicely, so they aren’t too loud. The shifters can be adjusted either out or in to fit all wheel rims, which is a nice touch to ensure compatibility.

Quick release

The 32R wheel comes with both old and new Thrustmaster quick releases. This lets it fit the newer style T818 quick release and older racing wheels. This is nice as many Thrustmaster owners haven’t got the T818, and including the older style adapter lets them use this steering wheel right out of the box.

Thrustmaster Quick release

Design and styling

This steering wheel’s design is relatively inoffensive, following the traditional look of most aftermarket wheels. Its circular design makes it adaptable to most forms of sim racing, and the overall build quality is pretty high.

As you’d expect with a name like the 32R Leather, the hand grips are wrapped in real leather, which feels soft and high quality. The black is offset with nice yellow-coloured contrast stitching throughout.

While the wheel rim’s leather hand grips and aluminium faceplate feel high quality, the wheel hub feels slightly cheaper. It is constructed primarily from plastic, which makes it feel light. All inputs, including the push buttons and the encoders, are also made of plastic, and other than the rev lights at the top, there is no LED backlighting.

Around the back, the paddle shifters are also constructed from metal, meaning most parts of the wheel that you will interact with feel good enough. A few metal accents on the encoders would have been nice to increase the premium feel.

Thrustmaster 32R paddle shifters

How does this sim racing wheel perform?

This Thrustmaster steering wheel performs well during gameplay and testing. Most of the materials you hold and touch feel nice, and the leather hand grips, in particular, feel good if you aren’t racing with gloves.

You get a tonne of functionality out of the wheel hub, which can all be programmed and mapped in various games to control different aspects of your car. The commission of the encoders doubling up as multi-function switches is a bit of a bummer.

The shifters feel very nice when activated and are quiet compared to other steering wheels. Each shifter paddle is also incredibly long, ideal for rallying or other racing disciplines.

Thrustmaster 32R design


The compatibility of sim racing products is a really important area. Many racing wheels and pedals are only compatible with a specific console, while more premium hardware is often only PC-compatible.

Thrustmaster has always excelled in compatibility, and the 32R is no exception. This steering wheel and wheel hub are compatible with Xbox and PlayStation consoles and PCs.

You get two quick-release adapters in the box, one for the T818 and another for older Thrustmaster wheelbases. This extends the compatibility to newer and older-generation wheels and allows for excellent compatibility without purchasing additional adapters.

Should you buy the EVO 32R Leather wheel?

Overall, the Thrustmaster EVO Racing 32R wheel is a good step in the right direction for Thrustmaster. It is a universal, modular steering wheel, giving the American sim racing brand a nice platform to use moving forward.

Some parts of the wheel hub feel slightly cheaper than direct competitors. But this also makes the wheel affordable, and you get a lot of functionality, which other brands cannot match at this price point.

If you currently have a Thrustmaster racing wheel or the T818, the 32R would be a nice addition.

Technical Specifications

  • Round, leather-wrapped wheel rim (12.6 inches / 32 cm), for rally and other racing simulations
  • Long, curved paddle shifters
  • 25 action buttons, including 4 encoders and a D-pad
  • 7 LEDs (RPM, racing information), 2 display modes
  • EVO Racing range: detachable hub with wheel rims and paddle shifters of different sizes and shapes
  • Premium materials: brushed aluminum faceplate and leather-wrapped wheel rim
  • Compatible with all Thrustmaster bases on PS5 and PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One, and PC (Windows 10 and 11)

Review written by Felix König

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