Thrustmaster Reviews

Thrustmaster has one of the largest sim racing ecosystems of any brand, and it includes a wide variety of sim racing wheels, pedals, peripherals and more. The Thrustmaster partnership with big brands such as Ferrari has led to Here is the home to all of our Thrustmaster wheel reviews and sim racing gear reviews.

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Thrustmaster Wheel & Sim Racing Gear Reviews

Thrustmaster are one of the most well recognized sim racing brands, and are a big player when it comes to gaming peripherals. Thrustmaster have become known for producing great sim racing wheels at a very reasonable value.

If you are looking at upgrading your entry level sim racing setup, or looking to make the first step in to the world of sim racing, Thrustmaster are a natural fit.

We try to review as many Thrustmaster wheels and products as we can, as we really enjoy their attitude towards product design. While companies such as Fanatec look to produce the most high end sim racing gear regardless of cost. Thrustmaster always have one eye on the budget minded sim racer.

This attitude of cost efficiency whilst still producing the best sim racing product possible is refreshing. It allows many gamers to use Thrustmaster as their first entry in to sim racing.

Once they are captured, many gamers stay and fall in love with sim racing. This is due to the fantastic experience on offer. Steering wheels such as the Ferrari F1 licensed wheel show their dedication to giving real racing fans the product they desire.

How do we review Thrustmaster products?

We have purchased every piece of Thrustmaster racing gear that we review. And have no affiliation to the wheel manufacturer. Most of our products have been purchased from Amazon. This allows us to offer a truly unbiased review, giving you gamers out there the best review possible.

Our goal is to fairly review every product we own, allowing you to make the best buying decision. If there are parts of a product which aren’t up to scratch, we will call them out on it. And we will give praise where it’s due.

As you will see from all of the reviews above, almost every product has received positive reviews from us. Which goes a long way to showing the quality and dedication that Thrustmaster have when producing new products.

Most frequently asked questions

Where can I buy Thrustmaster wheels?

One of the best places to purchase these great sim racing products is via Amazon, or through their own online store. Both of these avenues offer brand new products, with complete warranties included should anything go wrong.

Should I buy a Thrustmaster wheel as my first ever racing wheel?

There is no doubt that these are some of the best entry level racing wheels. The use of belt driven force feedback offer a great driving experience. And the competitive cost, put these wheels up there as one of the best entry level racing wheels.

Can I use these wheels on every console?

Thrustmaster, like many sim product manufacturers, offer different console versions of their racing wheels. PlayStation and Xbox both have different peripheral architecture, meaning that most products are only compatible with one console.