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MOZA Racing R5 Bundle

Moza Racing R5 Bundle

What is the Moza Racing R5 Bundle? Not only have Moza Racing just released one of the best formula-style sim

Moza Racing SR-P Pedal Review

Moza Racing SR-P Pedals

What are the Moza SR-P Pedals? Moza Racing has been on a full-on offensive recently, releasing new sim racing products

Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel Review

Thrustmaster T150

Sim racing wheels can be expensive, and sim racing can be an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be.

Thrustmaster T248 Review

Thrustmaster T248

What is the Thrustmaster T248? The Thrustmaster T248 is the most recent wheel that Thrustmaster has released. It’s priced competitively

Moza Racing R9 Review

Moza Racing R9

What is the Moza Racing R9 Wheel Base? Moza Racing started 2022 incredibly strong, with the release of the R9

Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals Long Term Review

Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals

Heusinkveld overview and product lineup Heusinkveld is extremely well known for designing and manufacturing some of the best sim racing

Fanatec GT DD Pro in-depth review

Fanatec GT DD Pro

What is the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro? Ever since Fanatec released the CSL DD back in mid-2021, sim racers

Fanatec CSL DD Review

Fanatec CSL DD

What is the Fanatec CSL DD? When it comes to sim racing, direct-drive wheelbases are widely regarded as the pinnacle

Simucube 2 Sport Review

Simucube 2 Sport

What is the Simucube 2 Sport? The Simucube range of wheel bases, are the second generation of direct drive wheel

Cube Controls Formula Pro Review

Cube Controls Formula Pro

When you start looking away from from the likes of Thrustmaster and Fanatec towards more premium racing wheels such as