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MOZA R16 Design

MOZA R16 Wheel Base

Today, I’m taking a look at a sim racing wheel that may look very familiar to you. This is the

Sim-Lab P1X Pro Review

Sim-Lab P1X Pro

OK, I’m going to get this out of the way early in the review. This is easily one of the

Sim-Lab GT1 Pro Review

Sim-Lab GT1 Pro

Watch our Sim-Lab GT1 Pro video review Below is our complete video review of the Sim-Lab GT1 Pro sim rig.

Asetek Forte Wheel Base

What is the Asetek Forte Wheel Base? We recently released our review of the impressive Forte formula wheel, and it’s

Asetek Forte Pedals Review

Asetek Forte Pedals

What are the Asetek pedals? Sim racing pedals are a strange enigma. They’re never the hero of a sim rig,

MOZA HGP Shifter Build Quality

MOZA HGP Shifter

The MOZA HGP review & unboxing MOZA has just released their first-ever shifter, and it takes the form of a

MOZA R21 Wheel Base Review

MOZA R21 Wheel Base

The R21 wheel base was among the first batch of wheel bases that MOZA Racing released way back in 2021.

MOZA Racing HBP Handbrake Review

MOZA HBP Handbrake

What is the MOZA HBP Handbrake? The MOZA HBP Handbrake is the first real additional sim racing peripheral from MOZA